Lost Charge Recovery

Most hospitals lose a significant portion of their charge-based revenue due to omitted charges and billing errors. Our experience in hundreds of hospitals across the USA has shown that 2% to 5% of all legitimate charges never get billed. We can recover that lost revenue for you.
Annual Revenue
Charge Based (6% of total)
Lost Charges (5% error rate)
Charge-based billings are a small but significant part of your revenue mix. Indemnity payers, percent of charge contracts, auto liability, workman's comp. and out-of-network claims are typically paid on billed charges. In addition, carve-outs or pass-through charges, and stop-loss outliers on per-diem contracts are also charge based.
M. Leco & Associates can help you to significantly improve your bottom line with no risk to your hospital and no lost productivity in your overworked business office. We have been providing hospitals with Lost Charge Recovery Services since 1984. Our trained, nurse-reviewers can compare your charge-based bills against your medical record information and document all charge errors. We rebill the payers and follow up until you receive payment of all "found" revenues.
We will provide you with comprehensive statistics highlighting all your charge capture problems by department, by item code, and by type of error. You can use that information to address your problem areas and to tighten your charge capture processes. 
The results:
Significant increase in bottom-line income with improved charging accuracy.